Holiday Cocktail Party With Absolut Elyx Copper Makes It Better


Holiday Party with Absolut Elyx

Delaney of the Styled Seed with Absolut Elyx

Cheers friends! Today’s blog post is all about hosting (or attending) a holiday cocktail party, and how to ensure you and your guests are having the best time! I’m super excited to be partnering up with Absolut Elyx again to bring you guys my favorite holiday cocktail. Read on for more!

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Copper Makes It Better; Refreshing Vodka Spritzer With Absolut Elyx


Absolut Eylx Cocktail

Happy Friday friends! After a busy and somewhat stressful week of traveling, working, and the alike I’m ready to unwind and have some fun! Today’s post features a fun little adult beverage I created with the help of a few fresh ingredients and Absolut Elyx Vodka. I love sipping on refreshing, and delicious cocktails so I had to share this one with you guys. Read on to learn more about Absolut Elyx and this yummy cocktail!

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Fall Picnic; Rosé All Year With Wines of Provence


 Rosé All Year

Wines of Provence Rose

In case you didn’t know I love wine. Who doesn’t? As of this year I’ve been really into Rosé, I love it’s beautiful color, it’s crisp but full flavor, and it just seems to pair perfectly with everything. Something that not everyone realizes about Rosé is that it can be enjoyed all year long. We get caught up in the idea that it’s a Summer/Spring drink, but it is also very complimentary to Fall and Winter as well. Today I’ll be sharing more about how I’m transitioning Rosé into Fall, read on for more!

Wines of Provence rose

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