The Art and Importance of Daydreaming

Daydream Away

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing H&MToday’s post is going to be my next installment for my ‘Wearing My Thoughts’ series. If you missed my introductory post on this series you can read it here. Today I’ll be sharing (wearing) my thoughts on daydreaming, and I’ll also be sharing the details of this adorable look pictured above! Read on for more!

A Past With Daydreaming

I remember being scolded for daydreaming in my younger years. My head was often somewhere else when I was supposed to be tuning into an important lecture on the hypotenuse of a triangle, something I still don’t understand. My teachers did not like this and to be honest I don’t blame them, they were just doing their job. But that planted a seed that made daydreaming seem like somewhat of a negative practice. Fortunately  for me I was hardwired to be a daydreamer since day one and I kept at it.

And since those days of dozing off in middle school I’ve learned that daydreaming is not a problem. Although it often might be depicted as a distraction or a non productive practice I’ve found it to be crucial to my success and my ambition.

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing H&MDelaney of The Styled Seed wearing H&MDream Big Dream Bold

As I mentioned above I have found daydreaming to be a powerful positive in my life. I’m all about manifesting (thanks to all of the self-help/spirituality books I’ve been reading) and I truly believe the things we give our energy to grow and thrive. And guess what, your thoughts carry a lot of energy. So although some may call you silly or foolish for daydreaming, you’re actually just feeding energy to whatever you’re thinking about. So if you’ve got personal growth, future successes, or the ice cream you’re going to have later on your mind…you’re helping those things come to fruition. And that is awesome. So keep daydreaming, in fact do it more. Let your thoughts run where they want to and forget what you were told as a child. They will help to bring you to the next place you want to be!

That’s all for this post as I just wanted to sprinkle my thoughts on daydreaming into your day! Xx

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Photography by Clayton Wenner @clayhendrx

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