Fall Picnic; Rosé All Year With Wines of Provence


 Rosé All Year

Wines of Provence Rose

In case you didn’t know I love wine. Who doesn’t? As of this year I’ve been really into Rosé, I love it’s beautiful color, it’s crisp but full flavor, and it just seems to pair perfectly with everything. Something that not everyone realizes about Rosé is that it can be enjoyed all year long. We get caught up in the idea that it’s a Summer/Spring drink, but it is also very complimentary to Fall and Winter as well. Today I’ll be sharing more about how I’m transitioning Rosé into Fall, read on for more!

Wines of Provence rose

Fall Picnic

Wines of Provence rose

If you guys haven’t taken a Fall picnic this year – you’re missing out.

Wines of Provence rose

Me and one of my bestie babes decided to take advantage of the beautiful Fall weather and this delicious wine by Wines of Provence and have ourselves a cute little picnic. Best decision ever! We got to enjoy each other’s company while sipping on one of our favorite beverages – Rosé! Cozied up in our Fall sweaters, talking about life, munching on snacks, and sipping wine is seriously the best thing ever!

Wines of Provence rose


Wines of Provence

Wines of Provence rose

Wines of Provence is based out of the Provence region in France and is known for their high quality wines as well as their dedication to Rosé. They are the only region to dedicate 89% of their production to Rosé! Thank goodness we have them or we would be thirsty 😉

Wines of Provence rose

Although they are known for their high quality wines they also offer a range of price points so that everyone can enjoy their wine. They also offer reds and whites in addition to their Rosés. The wide variety of wines they offer make it easy and fun to share the Wines of Provence with all of your friends and family. From light fresh wines to sip on in the Summer and Spring to deeper more intense wines to carry us through the Fall and Winter – Wines of Provence has it all.

The Three Appellations

Wines of Provence has three different appellations, and I received a wine from each. Yay! The first is Cotes de Provence which is the biggest of the three. It has a Mediterranean climate meaning it is hot, sunny and dry. They produce 130 million bottles of wine through this appellation each year. Wow!

The second is the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence. This is the second largest appellation and it has a dry cold climate. About 28 million bottles of wine are produced out of this appellation each year.

The third of the appellations is the Coteaux Varois en Provence. It is also known as the “heart of the Provence” because it’s located in the middle of the region. The climate varies from hot Summer, mild Spring/Fall, and cold winters. About 17 million bottles of wine are produced out of this appellation each year.

NY/SF Wines of Provence Restaurant Week

Wines of Provence rose

If you’re as much of a wine lover as I am you can check out Wines of Provence Restaurant Week in San Francisco and New York until October 25th. Essentially this means various restaurants in San Francisco and New York will be celebrating the year round use of Rosé. They will be pairing it with some of their best dishes. Good wine, good food, and good fun. It’s going to be a blast if you can make it!

Learn more about Wines of Provence here And find out if it’s a good day to drink Rosé here! 🙂

Enjoy a video clip of my Fall picnic below!


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