Fearless Beauty With Moroccanoil

Fearless Beauty Campaign

This post is in partnership with Moroccanoil but all opinions are my own

Moroccanoil Fearless Beauty Campaign

For today’s post I have partnered up with Moroccanoil to introduce you guys to the amazing products  from their Fearless Beauty campaign. I’m so excited to share this campaign and the products that have helped restore and repair my hair while I live out my passions!

Let’s Be Fearless

Moroccanoil Fearless Beauty Campaign

Through pursuing my passions of blogging, modeling, and fashion I have to put my hair through a lot. From heat styling to switching up my color or cut for the next trend I am always doing something to my hair, and I like it that way!

I love being able to express myself through my style, my makeup, and my hair. Unfortunately this can take a major toll on your hair, but the good news is Moroccanoil has launched a line of products that specifically helps combat all the forms of damage our hair might experience.

The Line Up

Moroccanoil Fearless Beauty Campaign

Let’s talk about all these amazing products! I’ll describe each one and give you my honest review and insight on the product!

Moroccanoil Treatment

Moroccanoil Fearless Beauty Campaign

This is the OG of Morrocanoil, this is the product I’ve been using since I was in middle school – literally.

Basically the Moroccanoil Treatment is an oil sent from the gods that will make your hair silky smooth and hydrated. It helps to detangle, add shine, and provide protection and moisture. I run it throughout my ends mostly right out of the shower or on a styling day when my hair is already dry.This stuff is basically magic and it smells like heaven too!

Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Moroccanoil Fearless Beauty Campaign

These two are quite the dynamic duo. The shampoo helps to restore damaged hair with the help of argan oil, keratin and fatty acids. It’s also sulfate and paraben free – AKA it’s wholesome and healthy which I love. And aside from all these awesome technical facts about it, it lathers so nicely and it made my hair softer than any other shampoo ever has. And again, it smells AMAZING!

When you pair up the shampoo with the conditioner you’re really in for a treat. It has all that good stuff that the shampoo has and it add ones more smoothing element to your hair. My hair is very tangled so it’s always a nightmare when I have to brush it out post shower. However, after using this duo it was so much easier to brush through my locks. I can’t imagine my days without these two now!

Restorative Hair Mask

Moroccanoil Fearless Beauty Campaign

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned the magnitude and importance of working in a hair mask. When my hair is feeling extra brittle, damaged, or worn out I reach for this hair mask! It helps rebuild, restore, and strengthen your strands – something I definitely need from time to time. Plus it’s always nice to pamper yourself, throw on a face mask and a hair mask and you’ve got yourself a nice little at home spa day.

Mending Infusion

Moroccanoil Fearless Beauty Campaign

This is the perfect finishing touch for all of your styling days. It’s formula is full of proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants that will surely strengthen, repair, and mend your ends. It’s a lightweight product that  completes and perfects your look. My ends get very damaged from dying and heat styling. I focus this product on my ends after I’ve styled my hair for a smoothing touch.

Perfect Defense

Moroccanoil Fearless Beauty Campaign

As I mentioned above I take hot styling tools to my hair on a regular basis. As this can be very hard on my hair I’m always looking for the best heat protection products. This one is great because it’s super light weight but still gets the job done. I spray it throughout my hair before I blow-dry, straighten, or curl to ensure protection.

Share Your Fearless Beauty Experience

All in all I was blown away by the quality and performance of these products. They help my hair feel and look amazing and the scent is honestly just my favorite! I am so glad that I’m taking a stance against damaging my hair to live out my dreams and I would love to hear about your fearless beauty experience! Share your journey on social by using the hashtag #FearlessBeauty for a chance to win this amazing collection!

Thanks for reading, talk soon! Xx








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