A Fresh Start to 2018; My New Years Resolutions

New Year, New Beginnings

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Tobi

Happy New Year friends! I think we can all agree that the coming of a new year is an exciting and inspiring event that motivates us each year to become a better version of ourselves. Although each day is a new beginning and an opportunity to create the reality we desire, the new year is monumental occasion of reflection, inspiration, and personal development. To kick off 2018 I’ve decided to share my New Years resolutions with you all, and of course this killer look from Tobi. At the very least this entry will help me stay accountable. But my true hope is that it will inspire and motivate others as well. Cheers to a new year friends!

Personal Goals

As I mentioned above the New Year is a great opportunity to do some reflecting and explore how we can become better versions of ourselves. Personal growth and spiritual evolution are always high on my list of areas to improve. Not because I think of myself as a “bad person” but simply because there is always room to become a better one. Heres a few things I plan to focus on in the coming year.

Be Kinder

Sometimes I lose my patience with people, some people push my buttons more than others, and sometimes I take my anxieties and fears out on others. These things are hard for me to admit and I’m not proud of them. But in order to become a better version of me I have to look at these things and deal with them. I don’t ever want to make someones day worse than it has to be, in fact I’d like to leave each person a little bit happier than I found them. Even if that means exchanging a quick smile or telling them a sweet little compliment I want to focus on sprinkling this kindness all throughout 2018, especially when it’s hard for me to be kind.

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Tobi

Let Go Of Control

Another thing that I don’t like admitting is that I can be a control freak. It’s my way of convincing myself that everything is okay – that everything is going to work out. But its an unreliable and manipulative way to try and persuade the universe to work at your beck and call. To say the least its damaging, unhealthy, and delusional. Therefore in 2018 I will continue to strive towards an allowing, accepting, and trusting mindset that grants me the peace of faith. Wether its the universe, God, or fate…allowing myself to trust and believe in some sort of higher power allows me to put my worries to rest and live a fuller happier life – and therefore I’m all in on this one!

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Tobi

Work Related Goals

2017 was a huge year for me work wise. I began my full time career as a blogger and freelance model. And let me tell you – at times it was terrifying, uncomfortable, and super challenging. But I loved it and I’m so glad I took the leap of faith. With that being said I’m ready to take charge on my work related goals for 2018, the bigger the better!


I’ve mentioned this already on my Instagram stories but in case you missed it I’m going to start implementing giveaways regularly on my social channels. I asked you guys if you were into this or not and it was a landslide reply of HECK YES WE ARE INTO THIS.

Therefore I’m super excited to start sharing products and brands with you guys that I genuinely love. For anyone that’s wondering I won’t be entering those loop giveaways where you have to follow 50+ influencers for the chance to win a new iPhone and some designer handbag. That’s just not me.

Instead I’ll be partnering up with brands I love to bring you their goodness, or curating and buying the goods myself. I’m so jazzed about this because I love gift shopping, gift packaging, and generally creating little packages of joy. Also you guys deserve it, I’m so thrilled to be giving back to the people that give me all of their support. I couldn’t do it without you guys and I’m so ready to share some presents with y’all!

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Tobi

YouTube Moves

I’ve been trying to get into YouTube for a while now. But to be honest I haven’t really given it my all. I’ve been so busy with other projects and endeavors that I haven’t fully committed to learning the craft of YouTube. But in 2018 I’m going to bust out more videos, share my makeup looks with you guys, and really take that platform more seriously. So please feel free to email or DM me your YouTube requests at any time! I’m really excited to start sharing more on there.

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Tobi

Goals for the Soul

In general when I look at my life and where it is compared to where I want it to be there’s a few things I’d like to implement. Overall I am ecstatic with my life, so don’t think I’m not. But I want to make sure that I’m living out my dreams and pursuing a lifestyle that really feeds my soul. Heres a few things that I think will help me in this area.

Adventure More

In 2018 one of my most important goals is to adventure more. I plan on achieving this sense of adventure by traveling more and moving to an unknown place. Clayton and I have traveled a decent amount and for that I’m entirely grateful. But we’ve found that we often return to places we’ve already been. Theres nothing wrong with this but its lacking an element of adventure that we’re seeking. Therefore we’re going to travel to places we’ve never been this year, and I can’t wait to see what we experience. We are also planning on moving to Orange County in the coming weeks. A big adventure for us as we have no family there and we’ve spent little time there before. The adventure begins!

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Tobi

Own Less Do More

Lately I’ve found myself feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by all of the things in my house. It’s easy to get attached to things for sentimental or logical reasoning. But for me personally I’ve found that an excess of things doesn’t give me any more fulfillment. In fact it makes me feel cluttered, confused, and yucky. I’m excited to enter this new year with less belongings and more experiences. I won’t by any means be a full blown minimalist but I’m going to do my best to clear the clutter out of my life!

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Tobi

I hope you enjoyed my resolutions and that you were inspired by something in there. What are your resolutions this year?

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Special thanks to Tobi for partnering up on this post!

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