How To Create Great Photos; Tips and Tricks

My Tips and Tricks for Taking Great Photos

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Berkley EllevenOkay so this is a highly requested topic for me to cover. I haven’t quite gotten around to the ‘how I edit my photos’ post yet but I promise that’s coming soon too! Anyways, in today’s post I’ll be filling you in on all of my tips and tricks for taking photos that you and your audience are happy with! Read on for more.

Know Your Angles

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Berkley EllevenIf you don’t already know your angles, get to know them. For example, virtually everyone has a ‘good side.’ And if you aren’t sure which one is yours take a few pictures and after reviewing them you’ll be able to tell which side you prefer. Once you’ve discovered your good side lend yourself to it often (therefore you’re more likely to like the picture) but don’t completely rely on it. I overuse my ‘good side’ and sometimes that comes back to bite me because I’m like “why are all of my photos the same?!” So that being said, use your good side often but not every time.

Once you know some of your favorite angles you might find yourself overusing them just like your ‘good side.’ Also guilty of this in the past. So once you’ve learned a few tricks and you’ve worn them out, move on to new ideas. For example, try throwing up a peace sign, do the dreaded kissy/duck face (I think it’s cute), or just try moving around a lot and acting natural and fluid. Make sure to make variety and creativity a key factor in your photo making process and you will be happy with the results.

Add Some Movement

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Berkley Elleven When in doubt move it out. If you’re being stiff and unnatural in your photos its going to translate as you being awkward and uncomfortable. Loosen up and move around. Play with your hair, walk around, even dance. Some of my favorite photos are ‘in between’ poses and are more like moments then perfectly curated shots. And also remember that it doesn’t take a lot of movement to show in the photo. You don’t have to do anything bold and grandiose to appear fluid, try small things like putting your hands in your pockets, adjusting your top, or turning your body slightly.  I like to do a mix of highly styled/posed photos, and some more fluid and casual photos as well.

Pay Attention To The Background

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Berkley EllevenWhenever possible I try to play off of the background. You can really up your image quality by complimenting your look with the background. For example, in today’s photos we spotted this vintage looking orange-ish building and decided it was the perfect spot to play on this theme. The orange hues in my outfit and the overall vintage vibe went perfectly together and helps make the photos more cohesive and prominent.

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Berkley EllevenSometimes I like to keep the background simple and clean. Other times I like to make it busy and exciting. It totally depends on what you’re going for and what you’re wearing honestly. When I do keep my backgrounds really plain I love to add a prop to spice it up. From flowers, to food, to random things laying around the house – I love adding in props!

Anyways, these are a few of the tips and tricks I use on a continuous basis to keep my photo game strong. Let me know if you guys end up using any of them and what you think! Talk soon! Xx

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Photography by Clayton Wenner @clayyskee
Special thanks to Berkley Elleven for partnering up on this post

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