Quick and Easy “No Makeup” Makeup Routine With Perricone MD



“No Makeup” Makeup

Instnat Blur by Perricone MD

Lately I’ve been super into natural makeup looks. I’ve also been spending more time investing and educating myself on skin care. Luckily I found this amazing product by Perricone MD that allows me to take care of my skin and achieve a natural looking makeup look!

Quick, Easy, and Natural

Instant Blur by Perricone MD

As I mentioned above, I’ve been feeling the natural makeup looks lately. Of course I still love to play around with makeup and sometimes it’s necessary for me put on a full face for shoots etc. But on days where I’m running errands, working, and hanging low I really like to keep my makeup minimal.

Instant Blur by Perricone MD

But wearing a natural makeup look can be challenging sometimes. We all have flaws and imperfections that we are insecure about – myself included. What I love most about today’s makeup look is that it allows me to feel confident in my own skin, without too much makeup.

Instant Blur By Perricone MD

Instant Blur by Perricone MD

The Instant Blur by Perricone MD is designed to improve your skin over time as well as cover up and disguise your flaws. It can be worn under makeup or on it’s own and it blurs out fine lines, redness, and other imperfections. Perricone MD has been committed to researching and creating products designed for affective potent skincare since 1997. Their dedication to their craft makes me trust their products even more.

Instant Blur by Perricone MD

The Instant Blur Primer comes in a balm form and is packaged in this sleek compact with a sponge applicator. It’s perfect for taking on the go in case you need to touch up and reapply at any time. It’s also nice to have it in the compact form so you have a mirror to use no matter where you are.

Learn more about Perricone MD here, and try Instant Blur Primer for yourself!


If you guys want to see how I achieve my “no makeup” makeup look check out the video below!

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