Copper Makes It Better; Refreshing Vodka Spritzer With Absolut Elyx


Absolut Eylx Cocktail

Happy Friday friends! After a busy and somewhat stressful week of traveling, working, and the alike I’m ready to unwind and have some fun! Today’s post features a fun little adult beverage I created with the help of a few fresh ingredients and Absolut Elyx Vodka. I love sipping on refreshing, and delicious cocktails so I had to share this one with you guys. Read on to learn more about Absolut Elyx and this yummy cocktail!

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Cheers to Summertime Fun; A Refreshing Pink Cocktail Featuring KINKY Pink Liqueur

This post is sponsored by KINKY Beverages but the opinions and content expressed here are my own

Cheers To Summertime Fun With KINKY Pink Liqueur™

 It may not be the weekend yet, but I’m always down to celebrate! I was super excited to join this campaign with KINKY Pink Liqueur because I’ve been all about making cute little cocktails to sip on with friends lately.

Plus there’s always something to celebrate. Wether it’s life itself, the small victories like finishing the daunting pile of laundry, or landing a new gig… Let’s raise our glasses and celebrate this summer, and every day!

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