Quick and Easy “No Makeup” Makeup Routine With Perricone MD



“No Makeup” Makeup

Instnat Blur by Perricone MD

Lately I’ve been super into natural makeup looks. I’ve also been spending more time investing and educating myself on skin care. Luckily I found this amazing product by Perricone MD that allows me to take care of my skin and achieve a natural looking makeup look!

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All About the Lashes; My First Time Trying Eyelash Extensions

My First Time Trying Eyelash Extensions

Hey babes! Today’s blog post is a little different than my usual write up, but its super fun.

I’m going to be sharing a recap of my first time getting eyelash extensions. So if you’ve never tried it and you’re looking to learn more about the process, the results, and the jist of it all, read on!

Delaney of The Styled Seed with eyelash extensions

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