Weekend Uniform In River Island

Special thanks to river island for partnering up on this post!

Friday Feels In River Island

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing River Island

Cheers to the weekend! I always feel like the shortest weeks (aka this week due to President’s Day on Monday) make me long for the weekend the worst. Maybe it’s because I have to jam pack all of my usual tasks into a shorter time frame? I’m not sure but I am so glad the weekend is finally here.

This week was full of amazing events where I got to meet wonderful people, a nice hair chop (took these pics before), and the usual running around of errands, chores, meetings etc. For today’s post I wanted to share this look because I don’t think there’s ever been a more fitting weekend outfit. Read on for more!

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Labels Are For Clothes With River Island

Labels Are For Clothes

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing River Island

Today’s blog post is a special one. I’ve been lucky enough to team up with River Island to highlight their anti-bullying campaign ‘Labels Are For Clothes.’ This collection is so special because it supports equality, open mindedness, and acceptance. All things I’m deeply passionate about so I couldn’t be more excited to back such an awesome campaign. Read on to learn more!

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Casual Fridays In River Island; Plus Some Exciting News!

Special thanks to River Island for partnering up on this post!


Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing River IslandHappy Friday everyone! I had a busy week full of events, adventures, and lots of errands. If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram stories I’m loving my new life in Laguna Beach. This move has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and brands (even after only living here 2 weeks!), appreciate the beauty of this amazing world every night (aka walk to the beach and watch the sunset), and explore the fun little town of Laguna as well as outlying areas! Anyways, this weekend is off to another crazy start as I’ve got a long to-do list, and an exciting event! Read on for more.

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