3 Quick Tricks To Improve Your Instagram Feed

Quick Tips To Elevate Your Gram Game

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Urban OutfittersI get so many questions on how I curate my Instagram feed so I thought I would let you guys in on a few quick easy tips that I’ve been implementing lately. A few months back I did some major rebranding and basically re-did my feed, you can read more about that here. However that was just part of the journey. I’m constantly trying new things and researching new methods. But that being said I will share with you guys three simple things that I’ve been trying as of late. Read on for more!

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Full Skirts in Full Effect with Lulus

Full Skirts for Fall

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing LulusDelaney of The Styled Seed wearing Lulu'sDelaney of The Styled Seed wearing Lulus

Lately I’ve been super into full skirts. In the past I felt like full skirts were a little bit too feminine for my personal style. But lately I’ve been inspired to pair them with boyish pieces like this graphic tee from Urban Outfitters. This full skirt from Lulu’s caught my eye because of it’s on trend plaid pattern and it’s bonus of pockets. I pretty much love everything and anything that has pockets. Not only does it make the piece more comfortable but it also adds to that boyish flare that I like to include in looks.

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A Layering Moment With Urban Outfitters

Loving Layers

As Fall approaches I find myself wanting to layer everything. Layering is one of my favorite ways to develop a more interesting outfit and add in some extra elements. In today’s post I’m going to be talking about some layering styles I’ve been loving. Let’s get started!

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