Three Things You Should Be Doing If You Want To Grow Your Instagram

How To Grow Your Instagram

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Cosabella

Hey hey! Happy Friyay. Today I’m going to touch on a topic I get asked about a lot –  “How do I grow my Instagram following?”

I’m excited to cover this topic because I know so many of you guys are interested in it. And I want to preface this by saying, this is totally a personal decision. The way I grew my following and the ways I continue to grow my following reflect my personal ideals, goals, and opinions. Others may use other methods – and that’s totally fine. These are just the things that have worked for me and the things I agree with! Anyways, let’s get into it!

1. Be Consistent

This tip is so important. If you want to grow you’re following you’ve got to fully commit to it. And what does commitment mean? You guessed it, being consistent!

Being consistent ranges from posting every day (sometimes twice daily) to keeping a cohesive theme or feel to your page. And if you’re thinking this sounds like a lot of work, you’re right. It is a lot of work. But hard work pays off. And in this case it will pay off in the form of a larger following.

By posting at least once a day everyday you are putting yourself out there every day. It’s a lot easier for new people to find you and follow you if you’re putting yourself out there. Now don’t go crazy with this tip and post 5-6 times a day. That’s a big no-no in the Instagram world as it just comes off spammy and annoying. But carefully curating one to two killer posts a day every day is really one of the best ways to advertise yourself in the Instagram realm!

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Cosabella Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Cosabella

2. Engage, Don’t Be Shy!

The best part of social media is being able to connect with people all of the world. It’s truly a magical thing. I absolutely love being able to connect with you guys. From sweet heart felt messages that make my day, to quirky little friendships that form thousands of miles apart – I wouldn’t trade these interactions for anything! I seriously love you guys and I feel like you’re all my best friends. And being this connected to my audience is one of the driving factors to my success and my growth.

When your audience can connect to you in way other than the fact that they like your shirt, you’re doing something right. It’s hard for all of us to be vulnerable and share personal things, but it’s seriously a powerful tool for growing and creating an amazing relationship with your audience. And all you really have to do is show your personality and don’t be too cool to respond to comments, DMs, and the alike. Also don’t be shy to comment, DM, etc. on others pages as well. It’s a great way to get your page out there and connect with others! Show people that there is a loving, caring, interesting person behind your photos and they will be much more likely to latch on to you!

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing CosabellaDelaney of The Styled Seed wearing Cosabella

3. Connect, Collaborate, Network

I’m really not into spammy giveaways and such where you have to follow a million bloggers, use a stock photo on your feed, and cross your fingers and toes in hopes of winning an iPad and a Gucci bag amongst thousands of other entries. If that’s something you’re into that’s fine but it doesn’t ring true for me. That being said, I am a fan of doing mutual shout outs with other bloggers, influencers, etc. that have a similar vibe or aesthetic to your page. I’ve found this to be hugely successful in growing your following – and authentic which is so important to me!

This method works so well because you’re exposing yourself to an audience of people that already enjoys (follows) similar content. Therefore it’s a sure fire way of gaining some new followers in a genuine way.

Another way to gain exposure is to collaborate and connect with other creators, brands, photographers etc. When I first started my blog I had just moved to the Bay Area. I eventually made some contacts with the creative community there and started collaborating with tons of photographers. This was a great way for others to see my page. It also was an awesome way to make some life long friends.

Working with brands is another great way to gain exposure and connections. If your content is reposted on their page or even their story their followers will see it and take interest in you. Working with brands is also a great way to meet people in the industry and come up with creative ways to grow, expand, and learn.

Delaney of The Styled Seed wearing Cosabella

Hope you guys liked this post! I’m thinking about doing a post on 3 things not to do to grow your instagram as well, would you like this? Let me know! Xo

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Special Thanks to Cosabella for partnering up on this post!

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